Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions…We have answers.

(Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for explanations of our cancellation and refund policy.)

Los Angeles Dodgers, USC Trojans, and L.A. Rams Stadium Flight Restrictions
Please be aware that there is a flight restriction around L.A. Dodger’s baseball games, and USC Trojans/L.A. Rams football games.  This restriction begins one hour prior to the start of the game, lasts until 1 hour after it’s conclusion, and extends 3 miles from the stadium.  In the case of Dodger games this prevents us from flying over the stadium, and it also prevents us from flying over the downtown skyline.  Whenever this restriction is in place we modify our tours to exclude the restricted areas, and still provide you with a fantastic experience, this does not affect the duration of the flight.  The City of Angels, So Cal. Safari, and One-Oh-One tours are impacted by the restriction, the L.A. Walkabout, Zen Squared, and HollywoodLand tours are not affected.

In the case of the Trojans and Rams football games the restriction only extends partially into the skyline, and does not affect Dodger Stadium at all (the football games are played at the L.A. Coliseum). This flight restriction has minimal impact on the tours, but it does prevent us from flying over Staples Center and the L.A. Live portion of the downtown area.

What should we wear?
Whatever you are comfortable in. There is no specific requirement for how you dress. Helicopters fly at relatively low altitudes, so there is very little temperature variation as we climb up for our flight. We have very good air conditioning and heating for those days when the temperature does become an issue. A light sweater on a cool day, shorts and a t-shirt on a warm day and you are good to go!

Will there be anyone else in the helicopter with us?
Possibly. Our helicopter seats the pilot plus 3 passengers. If you are a party of 2 then it is possible that we will place a single guest in the 3rd seat. This is not uncommon. If you would like to make your flight private, you may do so for a small additional cost ($50 per couple), and we will leave that seat empty. (We do not provide prior notification if we intend to place a single rider in the helicopter. If you would like to insure a private flight please inform us in advance.)

I’m visiting L.A. by myself, do you fly single passengers?
We do. There are two options for you if you are traveling alone, or if your significant other would rather not fly. If we have seats available on an existing flight we will place you on that flight at the prevailing per passenger rate, no extra charges apply. If there are no available seats you may opt for a private flight. There is an additional fee of $100 for a single passenger private flight.

Do we need to bring identification?
If you are paying by credit card we may ask to see the identification of the person paying, but we do not check ID’s for each guest.

What time should we arrive?
Prior to your flight there is a very short check-in process followed by a safety briefing. We suggest that you show up at least 15-20 minutes early. For those of you enjoying the Romance Experience please plan to arrive 45 minutes ahead of your flight time.

How long will it take for us to drive to your facility?
Traffic is a major consideration in Los Angeles when you are planning your visit with us. Please allow extra time for your drive. We recommend checking SigAlert.Com for up to the minute traffic information. Rush hour is an all day event here on the weekdays, and weekend traffic can be heavy as well.

Can we use our phones/cameras/iPads in flight?
Yes, yes, and yes. Your electronic devices do not affect the electronics in the helicopter, feel free to use your phones and cameras. Please remember to charge your devices and clear out some memory.

What if I get motion sickness?
One of the most common comments that we hear is that the flight is much smoother than many people anticipate, so we don’t see very many people suffering from motion sickness. But…it does happen from time to time. Your pilot can give you tips to alleviate the sickness, and motion sickness bags are provided just in case. If you choose to take a motion sickness medication please use one that is non-drowsy.

Are there any age limitations?
There are not. We don’t recommend taking babies, primarily because of the noise in the helicopter, and the irritation to the child’s ears, but it is ultimately up to the parent. We have flown passengers from 1 to 91.

Are there any weight limitations?
Yes. Our helicopter can seat 3 guests, in addition to the pilot. Your group (3 guests per flight) cannot weigh more that 600 pounds combined, and no single guest can weigh more than 290 pounds. Proper weight and balance of the aircraft is critical to safety so we do occasionally weigh passengers if we feel it is necessary.

Can my child sit on my lap?
Children under the age of 2 may sit on an adult’s lap. Children over the age of 2 must have their own seat. This is an FAA regulation, we are not allowed to waive it for any reason. If you are planning to have your child on your lap we may require proof of age. You must inform us in advance if you intend to have your child on your lap, and we will inform you as to whether it will be possible on your flight.

How is the seating arrangement decided?
By weight and height typically. We calculate weight and balance for each flight and arrange the passengers accordingly. If there is a particular seat that you would prefer we can usually accommodate you. Every seat is a window seat, so every guest has an amazing view!

Can we take food and drink on the helicopter?
We provide bottled water for you to take with you on your flight at no cost. We do not allow any other food or drink (it can get very messy, very quickly).

I want to fly over my home/office/etc… during the tour, is that possible?
If you have a place of interest that you would like to see, and if it happens to be along our route of flight, then…maybe. Our tour routes are very specifically defined, in part to comply with noise restrictions, and in large part to assure that each tour is flown within a specific time frame. Your pilot cannot deviate from the route unless required to do so for weather or safety issues.

I’d like to propose to my girlfriend/boyfriend during the flight. Can we do anything special to make the moment even more memorable?
Absolutely. We have had many, many proposals in our helicopter, and we would love to create a unique experience for you. Call us, and we will design a flight that is perfect for your special day.

It would really be cool to see the sunrise, or fly at midnight for our anniversary.  Is that sort of thing possible?
We always try to accommodate special requests, so yes it is possible.  For flights outside of our normal flight hours (8am-9pm) we charge an additional $100.  This guarantees you a private flight (normally an additional $50 per couple).

Do you discount or offer price matching?
On occasion we do have promotional offers available, those prices are only available during the promotional period, and are always shown on the individual tour pages here on the website. We do not offer price matching.  It is very expensive to put a helicopter in the air, and in doing so to insure the safety and comfort of our guests. We are adamant about proper maintenance and adherence to all Federal Aviation regulations, and that comes at a price. In addition we only employ experienced, highly qualified pilots. If you see companies discounting substantially below the average pricing that you see in the marketplace be very cautious, a helicopter tour or charter is not something where the first concern should be cost.  We are competitive with our rates but safety is priority number one, and customer service is a close second.  We understand that this is an expensive endeavor and we do our best to provide you with an extraordinary experience at a fair and reasonable price.

Is my flight a tour, or is it a charter, and what’s the difference?
Tours are nonstop sightseeing flights, charter is transportation from one point to another. If you need us to take you to Palm Springs, or San Diego for instance, you would be doing a charter. If we are flying you on one of our amazing Los Angeles sightseeing excursions, then you are doing a tour. We are one of only a very few companies here in Los Angeles that have FAA authorization and the proper operating certificates to offer both of these services.