Scenic Tours


“City of Angels”

$215 Per Guest

45 Minutes* - Our Premier Tour Experience

An extraordinary, once in a lifetime experience. Departing from the Van Nuys airport you will enjoy panoramic views of the San Fernando Valley, Warner Brothers Studios, Universal Studios and Lake Hollywood. You'll get up close […]

“The Rendezvous”

$359 Per Guest

1 Hour 45 Minutes* - Dinner/Landing Tour

We’ve taken our premier tour experience and added a unique twist. All the sites and wonders of Los Angeles are included in our City of Angels tour, and after you’ve experienced L.A. on your private[…]

Black Label Premium Packages

Now Available For All Tours

☆ Tour for 2 Guests ☆ Private Upgrade ☆ Jetboy Romance Experience Spoil the one you love with our most comprehensive tour package. Prior to your tour you will enjoy our Jetboy Romance Experience, […]

“L.A. Walkabout”

$160 Per Guest

30 Minutes* - Hollywood/Coastal Tour

This is a very fun tour that combines a whole bunch of the highlights from our One-Oh-One, and Zen Squared tours into one unique, 30 minute taste of Los Angeles. Here's a rundown of all the cool[…]


$160 Per Guest

30 Minutes* - Hollywood/L.A. Skyline/Beverly Hills Tour

An unbelievable journey through this one of a kind city. Los Angeles is a city of freeways and the 101 freeway is the most famous of them all, carving it's way through the most iconic […]

“Zen Squared”

$160 Per Guest

30 Minutes* - Coastal Tour

Relax, sit back, and don't worry 'bout nothin'. This tour is all about you! The Great Pacific Ocean defines our city and it inspires this tour. After we depart from Van Nuys we will soar through the[…]

Jetboy Romance Experience

$65 Per Couple

Available for any tour. Make your flight truly memorable for you and your special guest! Enjoy a romantic interlude with your guest in a private setting prior to your flight. ♥ Complimentary Champagne* ♥ French Pastries** ♥ Single Red Rose […]

“So Cal Safari”

$270 Per Guest

Hourly* - Custom Tour

Be creative, be bold, think big, or leave it up to your pilot to design something special just for you. L.A. is a big sprawling city that tumbles across Southern California in all directions, we've covered most of[…]


$135 Per Guest

20 Minute* - Hollywood and Stars Homes

Let's go take an up close and personal look at the motion picture capitol of the world, shall we? From Universal Studios, to the famous Hollywood sign which sits atop Mt. Lee, overlooking the heart […]